Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Menu

I am going to start posting our Weekly Menu on the bottom of my blog and hopefully add some pics if I can now and then. I LOVE menu ideas! Feel free to share if you want!


  1. just a pic of Christmas a few years ago. I was excited to say I was going to start taking pics of our dinners so I found that one and posted it! HA! Its three bell peppers used to place toppings in!

  2. Yes, but what athe toppings and what are they for??

  3. Fajitas my dear! It was sour cream, guacamole and pico I think. ;o) We (for some reason I do not know why) always have Mexican food at Christmas! HA! I will try to find another pic, that was the same year I took wine martini glasses and made individual 7 layer dips for each person and I even made Taylor and Lance's special (without olives, sour cream, or whatever they don't like). Each place setting had their little "Glass of Dip" with one chip sticking out. It was so flipping cute and easy!

    Those bell peppers are an awesome idea at a BBQ too, put ketchup in the red one, mustard in the yellow one and relish in the green one!


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