Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 4

I will post on Day 4 tomorrow. It really has something to do with your spouse being at work or gone all day. So I will post and do it tomorrow. I am trying very hard to still say kind words, we went to church this morning and then to Bass Pro Shop in Pearland for lunch and to let the kids look at stuff. Well, on the way home we got in a HUGE fight, it has been tense off and on all afternoon actually and I honestly don't know how the last fight started, he said it was me, and I say it was him. He stormed off to the gas station. MAN, marriage is hard at times! HA! It ALWAYS seems to be harder on days we are trying to be good!

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  1. sorry today was so tough!!! doesn't that figure though- when we try and be nice, things go wrong somehow. tomorrow's a fresh start :)


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