Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well, I think about blogging all the time. Like when I drive on to the University of Houston Clear Lake campus and see a dozen deer literally staring at my car and eating grass and not fazed at all. Like when I drive into my drive way and see my daughter waiting for my son to get off the bus because she acts as mother hen for me when I have a late class or meeting.  Like when I get a shot at the diet doctor (yes I am seeing a doctor now to properly get this weight off and I have lost 12 lbs in a month, woohoo. Slow and steady wins the race) and the shot hurts and I want to blog about why did I let myself get this far. Like when I am kneeling at the altar every Sunday praying nothing but good to happen to certain people that have hurt me so badly this past year and continually do. Like when the letter came in the mail asking my daughter to be honored for her high scores on the ACT!  Like the moment my daughter was asked to attend a Duke University 3 week summer camp and the moment we figured out how much it cost! OUCH! Like when I am exhausted after subbing or after the part time job I took administering the STAAR test and I finally sit down at 10:00 at night and realize I have homework due by midnight. Like the moment I decided to take a May Mini (I am second guessing myself now). Like the moment I joined a book club and our first book was 50 Shades of Grey (We can talk about that another time). Like the moments when people don't show up, you can't fix those moments you missed. Like the moment I decided to be inducted not only into The National Society of Leadership and Success this semester but to also earn The Excellence Award. (NUTS NUTS NUTS, but I can explain later).  The moment I decided to take 12 hours this semester and my husband and best friend told me NO NO NO. (Guess what? I did it!)

So many other crazy wonderful sad and happy things have happened this past Spring and I am so blessed and fortunate to not only be alive, but also I am still painting the world Black and White one Pottery Barn catalog at a time!

(above is my greatest accomplishment thus far)

Oh, I did buy a piece of turquoise jewelry the other day!
Baby Steps Baby Steps!

Coming up next! I graduate this coming weekend with my
 Associates Degree!

This is Me, Then.