Monday, September 27, 2010

My life is pretty amazing!

I thought I would toot a horn for a minute and tell you I am 35 and pretty darn fabulous!  I have an amazing family, awesome husband and great friends! My husband is the reason behind all my fabulousness!  He lets me fly, spread my wings, be free to be me.  I have been a fulltime stay at home mom for 10 years now and I would not trade one minute of my life.  The ups the downs,the twists the turns and the loops.  This ride has been amazing and I never want to get off. 

Toot your own horn!  It feels so good!

This is Me, Then.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My priorities are out of whack!

Let's see what I want
my priorities to be:
  1. God
  2. Me
  3. Lance
  4. the kids
  5. our office
  6. a secure future
  7. my home
  8. school
  9. my extended family
  10. friends
Let's see what order I
 actually put all this in:
  1. the kids
  2. friends
  3. my blackberry
  4. the TV
  5. Lance
  6. a secure future
  7. school
  8. home
  9. our office
  10. Our extended Family
  11. God
  12. me
Somethings Gotta Give!
I am asking the Lord to
help me figure that out!

This is Me, Then.