Thursday, September 9, 2010

My priorities are out of whack!

Let's see what I want
my priorities to be:
  1. God
  2. Me
  3. Lance
  4. the kids
  5. our office
  6. a secure future
  7. my home
  8. school
  9. my extended family
  10. friends
Let's see what order I
 actually put all this in:
  1. the kids
  2. friends
  3. my blackberry
  4. the TV
  5. Lance
  6. a secure future
  7. school
  8. home
  9. our office
  10. Our extended Family
  11. God
  12. me
Somethings Gotta Give!
I am asking the Lord to
help me figure that out!

This is Me, Then.


  1. it's so hard when we look at ourselves honestly! i know i need to add my health to my list...

  2. ok, I just saw this and take a look the what object your top list of priorities looks like. I see a tree with a heavenly star on top.


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