Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love this Song

You have to take a few minutes of your day and listen to the words to this song. I find myself lately wishing I could have God's Eyes. To see the things in people that he sees and I can't. I getso flustered and defensive sometimes with the way people act or treat others. I find myself "picking" at people's personalities like a scab that will never heal unless I stop being this way and see the good and positive part of everyone. I can imagine what people say and think about me, but I do know one thing. I hope they see the good in me, the part of me that tries so hard to live life and celebrate each and every part of it. Take a look at this video. You will love it like I do.


  1. OMG Julie...I LOVE this song!! It is one of my FAVORITE songs in the world. I had it on my myspace profile and have been trying to figure out how to add it to facebook. That's the only thing I really liked more about myspace than facebook is that you could add all of the music you liked/wanted. Glad you like this song too...isn't it just amazing? It's so much like me to "miss" the little things and I pray often that God gives me a heart like Jesus with eyes to see His people the way he does and the ability to love them as much as Jesus loves me. This song has brought tears to my eyes SO many times! God is awesome....

  2. Haha....the "anonymous" is me, Tina. I couldn't figure out which profile to use to post the comment because none of them worked except for "Anonymous" so I went with it just so it would post. FYI...if you get anymore "anonymous" they'll probably be from me until I figure this thing out. LOL


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