Friday, February 20, 2009

My Week without the Love Dare!

Well, unless you have been in outerspace you all know I (yes, I am only talking about me) got to meet my nephew, Rylan this week. He is a little prince and I love him so much. I missed not seeing him yesterday and I got to see him this afternoon and hold him forever. It was awesome. Between prayers for Jett (my husbands second cousin, born last week, had a rough start but he is doing great now) and a huge Algebra test at school and wearing so many hats each and every day I have not had time to focus on God or The Love Dare. I can't wait to get back in the swing of things and start on Day 7 and I know it has already improved my marriage, not that it needed help, but I needed to learn to me more respectful of Lance and caring. I will leave with just this small note and thank God for bringing Rylan in to our lives. He, his mom Brandi, Chase and Logan are so loved by us all. WOW, the holidays and get-togethers around the Jackson Family just got bigger and better! God Bless!

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