Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My walk with God

The more I look into religion the more my head spins! Now, in case you don't know my religious background let me clue you in as briefly as possible. My Dad was raised Atheist and my mom was raised Pentecostal (you guessed it, no makeup, no pants, etc.) Well, she believed in most of their beliefs but never believed it was a sin to cut your hair or wear makeup, jewelry and pants, so I was raised Assembly of God right here in Crosby. (I can compare this to a Pentecostal church that wears pants, makeup, jewelry and the women cut their hair!). We then attended Lakewood for awhile (yes, the big church on TV under Pastor John Osteen) and my dad, Eric and I were Baptized there. Then, for a short time we attended a Pentecostal Church of God in Huffman (still compare it closely to Assembly). My parents divorced when I was 16, so no more church for my brother and I except we attended First Baptist Crosby off and on, well, because all teens did! I did not attend church again until I became pregnant with Taylor in 98. Lance and I felt we needed to be in church so I thought the easiest place to do that would be Lakewood again. Non-denominational and I loved it. We had Taylor and decided it was too large. We then knew someone that attended Maranatha Church in Mt. Belvieu. We went once, and LOVED it! We dove head first into that church as did my brother Eric. We attended every time the doors opened for two years and we also served on Youth Staff and I was a counselor at church camp. We then suddenly got a bad taste about some of the leadership going on and stepped back and not ONE person asked us what was wrong or missed us. After all we put into that church I don't even think the Pastor introduced himself to us. It burnt us badly. Taylor was two and we were done with church, never done with God, just church. Then I got pregnant with Cash in 05. Again, felt that need and urge to be in church. In the middle of all these bumps we often visited Crosby Church because Lance's mom attended there and First Baptist Crosby because our neighbors would invite us. We had Cash dedicated at Crosby Church in 06 and thought, this could be our church. Nope, Lance and Taylor were not happy. So, I thought maybe I am completely on the wrong path. We began to visit Atascosita Methodist in the fall of 06 and Spring of 07. Never joined, then visited again in the Spring of 08. It was a wonderful place but didn't feel like home. Now, it's January 09 and I woke up that first Sunday after New Years and said we are going to First Baptist Crosby. Taylor knows people there, Cash thinks he's at school (this is where he attends MDO) and Lance and I know people there. Well, I must say it feels 100% right to Lance, Taylor and Cash and about 75% to me. I am getting there, and I will save my reservations for another post. But, I think God has had his hand on me this entire time and he's just shaking his head! I am getting there Lord. I promise! ;o)


  1. I COMPLETELY understand what you are going through. I just recently decided to change churches because the church that Paul & I got married in and AJ was baptisted in was just too far and we did really know many people there; though everyone was always so welcoming everytime we went. I've decided to give Crosby Church a try. It's WAY different from what I grew up with and our other church. I'm so used to a traditional church and Crosby Church is more contemporary than what I am accustomed to, but I am trying embrace the change and difference with open arms!

    Enough of my rambling. I wish you the best of luck with your journey with God. We are truly blessed with the family & friends that support us and our decisions.

  2. Julie - I think - well - you know everything I think - so I'm not going to bother trying to figure it out myself.

  3. Andi, I think Crosby Church is a great place, it is our #2 here in Crosby. That church is just as close as you can get to the way I was raised. I will be honest with you, and this is common I am sure, the service is too long for Lance. HA! ;o) So, we are giving First Baptist an honest shot and I pray that The Lord will lead me to join or not soon because Taylor is starting to ask about being baptized. I would love for her to be Baptized at a church we are members of. Best of luck with visiting there and come to First Baptist anytime if you'd like to visit. We attend the 9:30 service. ;o) Thanks for the kind words!


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