Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogging Lately!

I am going to be honest with myself here. I have not felt like doing The Love Dare because I feel like I have one million other things going on right now. I do know that since it has started that I am holding my tongue more than ever with Lance. I am really and truely trying to be a better person in general for 2009 towards everyone in my life. I feel so defeated sometimes when the house isn't perfect, or someone is mad at me or I am behind in the office or with my school work, or have I spent enought time with Taylor or Cash. I have this constant need and desire to explain myself ALL the time! I did it today, I did it yesterday, I do it all the time. STOP Julie! Be you! ;o) I need to focus on my walk with God and everything else will fall into place.

I am going to make a strong effort to blog day 7 and do it tomorrow! God Bless my children tonight with extra prayers. They are the driving force behind me keeping this well-oil machined called "The Jacksons" together! Love always to Lance!


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  1. ((hugs)) julie- what you are going through i think is the constant struggle of every mom. and it doesn't look like it ends, just changes. i'm so glad you started blogging- it opens you up tp prayer and support :)


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