Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

(I had to share this pic because it cracks me up)

Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to start the new year off with a mission statement. Go a little "Jerry Maguire" on you!

*I have no resolutions this year, nope, not one. But I do want to say that I will live each and every day to its fullest like I have been. I will stretch myself to the limits when it comes to my family and I will bend as much as possible when it comes to my friends. I will keep my eyes on the prize (a degree from U of H of course) and not count the days it takes me to get there (who are we kidding, years it takes me). If I find myself spending more time with neighbors, friends or strangers than I spend with my own family, I will step back and say, "slow down Julie, your family needs you". I will start saying no when I get invited to or expected to throw a party that I truly have no time for and start saying yes when my children beg me to play candy land or watch a movie. I will not judge but try to lead by example in my marriage so I can show my daughter how a strong Christian wife acts and show my son how to treat that wife!

*I do promise to do the following in 2010

  1. Get right with God
  2. Get right with myself
  3. Have Sunday dinners every Sunday with my family of four whether its at our table or a restaurants table. Set the standards HIGH for the future members of this family!
  4. and invite my friends and family to those Sunday dinners!
  5. Have date night once a month out of this house and once a week in the house (I promise you can have date night once the kids are in bed or tucked away with a new movie)
  6. LIVE

What are yours?

This is Me, Then!


  1. Julie,

    I like your style on the promises instead of resolutions. A promise is more of a commitment versus a resolution that you can always get to later. Your list of promises for 2010 is an awesome gift to your family and yourself :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I love you more each time I read this blog. Your New Year's promises read just like you were in my head last night when I was praying. You and I are so much the same. All I can do is tell you to stay strong and remember all that hard work will pay off. If you ever need anything I am here for you!! :)


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