Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 24 of Me, Then! Just Stuff!

Are you and Lance really that happy?
Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is God real?

On this 24th day of Me, Then, I wanted to let you know my "thoughts", "views", whatever you want to call it on marriage!  Are me and Lance perfect? HECK NO! But, we view our marriage in a way most people don't.  Do Lance and I have to love Taylor and Cash forever? YES, they are our blood, they are our breath, they are our everything!  Can they dissapoint us? Yes. Can they hurt us? Yes. Can we ever stop loving them? NO!  Taylor and Cash could be the WORST two kids on the planet and they would still be my babies!  I will love them even past death. I will love them as the wind hits their face when I am long gone.  I will love them for eternity. Here is the difference in the way I view marriage and the way others do.  Lance does NOT have to love me forever, he does NOT have my blood or my breath. We CHOOSE to love one another and stay together. That is why a marriage is put WAY above children, household, or a career. I have to EARN his love each and every day and just because he stood at an altar 13 years ago and said "I do" doesn't mean that one day he won't say "I don't". I strive each and every day to keep our love better than the day before and show him a wife and mother that he would be a FOOL to let go!  By ME, doing my part, Lance gives me 10 fold! 

I am the luckiest girl in the world and don't EVER put anything above your husband besides the big man upstairs! 

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  1. Amen !! I totally agree with you and that is exactly how I feel about my hubby & children. God First, our marriage second & then our children ....... Our children complete our family that me & my husband made thanks to God for making us for each other !!


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