Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 16 of Me, Then! Egg in a Hole!

Ok, stop right now and go get this darn cookbook! RIGHT NOW! It's at Walmart! Go, NOW!
On Day 16 of Me, Then, I woke up with FULL intention of going to church and starting the year off right with God. Well, after a few hits on the alarm clock and a son with a VERY runny nose I decided to pray about strength for the upcoming year and let all my babies (hubby included) sleep in! We will get back to my spiritual walk in another blog! Oh, and before I forget, I made "Egg In A Holes" for breakfast! This is the Pioneer Woman's above and in the pics below you can see mine! Pretty darn awesome for my first time!

I used a mason jar lid ring for my circle cutter and saved the circles for my sons mayo and cheese sandwiches for lunch (yes, I said mayo and cheese).
We used white wheat bread (gotta cut calories somewhere because I was not skimping on the butter) HA!
Put that cute piece of bread in that melted butter!
Drop that egg in that hole!

After a minute or two, flip it!

There you go! Salt and pepper to your liking! For a healthier version, use low fat or no fat butter and only an egg white!

Can I get an Amen?
Go to and click on "cooking" and see ALL her amazing recipes! I am going to be finishing up my 31 Days of Me, Then with a bit of Julie and Pioneer Woman! I am LOVING cooking these days and it is all because of this amazing woman! She made it look fun to me and not a job! Oh, and did I tell you I took up drinking coffee? What has come over me?!?!
Remember This is Me, Then. I change from day to day!


  1. i love egg in a holes. my mom made them all the time!! :( makes me miss her. i am going to have to get this cook book though. looks like fun!!!

  2. James just looked at the pictures and called them "Toads in a Hole." What?? Toads??? I might try them tomorrow - I used to like eggs made like this when I was little - but then I got creeped out by runny egg yolk so I don't know. Do your kids eat it?? They look yum!!

  3. My kids LOVE these andmost of the time I use a shaped cutter ie...a heart at valentines; over the holidays I did a star cutter. FUN, fun, fun!
    Coffee's not so bad! (Spoken from an alomst coffee addict.) I've been eating a small apple as soon as I go into the kitchen while the coffee's brewing. THEN I'm not left wanting a second cup!! Hey, that's what works right now...:-)Have a blessed week!

  4. My mom made these for us all the time growing up but she called them egg in a basket. I need to make them for K. Chris does not eat eggs so they don't usually get cooked in my house. I think I will change that for the new year <3

  5. I can't wait to try this and her book! I bet your family loved this! Oh..and glad to hear about the new coffe craze. Hey..maybe I will bring my new KUERIG coffee machine over tomorrow. It is sooo fun!

  6. I'm going to have to get that book for my hubby. (He's the cook at our house.) My mom used to make those when I was little. She called them UFO's. I love them and have been wanting to make them for my daughter. She's 10 and I still haven't. I think she's old enough now that I could teach her how...might do that this weekend! Thanks for bringing back an awesome memory!


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