Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 26 of Me, Then! It's On!

The pic above is a spread I put out a few weeks ago for the playgroup I am in!  The moms and some of the kids (ha, most of our kids are school-aged now, so just the moms play) and it was so much fun!

Ok, you may be wondering about the title!  Well, "It's On" for me this Spring.  I am taking two classes online and will not be attending school on campus again until the FALL!  WOOHOO! So, "It's On"! I plan to blog, organize, clean, de-clutter and spend time at home being a wife and mother, my two favorite things in the world!  I am looking forward to throwing my hair up in a ponytail, putting on a little gloss (gotta look good for my hubby) and doing a financial, spiritual and emotional overhaul on my fam every day this semester! 
With that said, check out what you can do with mason jars, my new favorite things!  I picked up 12 at my local supermarket for under $10.  So far I have used one as a measuring cup, one for some sugar scrub, one to bring over some of my hubby's gravy to a friend (let her keep the jar) and now my new FAVORITE thing to do with them! Store yummy baking friends in them!
(see above pic).

Don't tell me you have a more modern house, or those won't match your decor.  A. They match any kitchen decor, and B. use them in your bathroom cabinets, craft area, office, pantry, the skys the limit! I am also saving spaghetti, pickle jars and more. 

See the basket above? I purchased it at Goodwill for $1.99.  It can be used in many different ways.  I chose to display some of my cookbooks in it and beside it.

Another angle of my lovely basket! 

I plan to write something on the front w/a marker!

Tomorrow's Craft!  It's a good one!


  1. i love how you'll have time to do what you want this spring!

  2. Go Julie!!! Hey, we just finished this awesome financial course at our church!!! You can go to www.daveramsey.com to check it out! Changed our lives forever!!

  3. When you are done come and get my family in order! You could be a life coach Julie. You are so motivational and your priorities are all in the right spots!


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