Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 22 of Me, Then! Someone FINALLY gets me!

On this day of Me, Then, I must let you inside my world called "Julie's Bliss"
Each time I get a Pottery Barn Catalog in the mail I DON'T glance at it! I swiftly bring it in and put it is a SAFE place! I then wait until the time is right, usually late at night, when I will have no interruptions. I then proceed to look through it with eyes wide open and I utter no sounds! You don't understand! A Pottery Barn store or catalog is the only place where I am understood! Where colors like black, white, red and creme are used utterly in every room!

Where all the dishes are white, with other colors coming in from time to time, but they are never asked to stay! WHITE WHITE WHITE! My dishes are like my little piece of heaven! I know, all you ladies out there are saying, there goes Julie with her "white" dishes! Well, I must say me and my minority friends will LONG outlast you and all your colors! But, the one thing about this past catalog that I must shout to the world is CHALK! Chalkboards are my second personal heaven and their ability to change. They don't want to be stuck on the wall with that same old painting or design year after year! NO, they embrace change! Oh, yes, Not only will I have those plates but I will have that LARGE chalkboard on my dining room wall, oh YES, I will! WATCH OUT!


  1. hahahah! could you read the first comment??? You could so do that yourself, precious!

  2. Love it..can't wait to see what your decorating advice is!


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