Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FlyLady Fly! Day 18 of Me, Then!

Today's Flight Plan

6:30 Get up (not done)
7:00 Get up again! Done
dressed head to toe get troops up Done
7:30 Ate yummy breakfast that hubby made Done
8:00 out the door to take girls to school Done
8:30 stop at Arlans for more breakfast products and stuff for Taco Bake tonight (family requested) Done
9:05 home to put grocery away, hubby was still here, so I am moving my schedule around a bit so he will flipping leave! HA! Done
9:40 start load of laundry, reboot dryer Done
9:50-10:05- Cash's room Done
10:05-10:20-Bathroom Done
10:20-10:35-Master bedroom and sunroom Done
10:35-10:50-Dining Room Done
10:50-11:00- Start third load, place second in dryer, fold 1st on dining room table Done
11:00-11:15-kitchen Done
11:15-11:30-den Done
11:30-12:30 ZONE CLEAN! Zone 1 is the office! (Not done. I did about 20 minutes, will zone clean again on Thursday)
12:30-12:50 make lunch (salad for me, ravioli for Cash) Done, but we ate sandwichs and apple chips (Cash spit out the apple chips)!
12:50-1:00 Put third load in the dryer, fold second load on the dining table Done
1:00-1:45 work out with my mom in the shop Not Done (long story) ha!
1:45-2:00 get third load out of the dryer and fold on dining table Done
2:00-3:00 Shower, blow dry my hair, fix Cash a snack, get one ready for Taylor (cheese and crackers with an apple) Done, they had goldfish, I was too behind to prepare anything, tossed them the box! HA!
3:00-3:30 Put away all three loads of clothes (Well, I folded them all, but didn't put away. Who say's the dining table can't be your closet)!
3:30- Start Taco Bake and get it in the oven (forgot to put the meat out, yes, I did! Made the fam a HUGE pot of Mac and Cheese! They managed!)
4:00-Get Tay off the bus and then breath! MNO tonight! WOOHOO! (MNO was FAB!)

After the timer goes off I will STOP in that room no matter what! I plan to do this pattern every Tuesday and Thursday if possible and get my other routines down, morning and night and get my zone cleaning really under control and caught up. I WILL NOT deep clean any other rooms until I get to that zone. I pray this works! I have done it before and I know it does!"

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