Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 28 of Me, Then! Oh Sweet Valentine!

Ok, Let's Insert a Broken Record Here! 
I LOVE the blog

I was supposed to show you my XOXO craft but I am too excited about this craft, then WAIT, I am also excited about my new car organizer idea from B.Jane, oh WAIT I am also excited about my LOVE craft, WAIT, there is my Pioneer Woman Recipes Mom's Night Out in a few weeks, WAIT, there is my new antique chair and foot stool in my reading nook, WAIT, there is my daughter's new antique dressor and nightstand, WAIT, there is my new "Pottery Barn Eat Your Heart Out Mission Control" Station in my office, WAIT, there is my actual Pottery Barn Chalkboard on its way to my dining room wall, WAIT, there is, well, you are just going to have to WAIT!

This little thing above is another amazing craft I found over at Tatertots and Jello. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a green foam ring, covered it in red ribbon (also from Dollar Tree) and used about 75 cupcake papers and hot glue!

I followed Jen's advice over at Tatertots and did it in sections to allow the glue to fully set
(which it does quickly).

To top it off I used some red ribbon and a scrapbooking brad to glue on a little bow!
I PROMISE tomorrow will bring the XOXO's and a look at another "Day in my life" as I start my online classes for this semester.  Also, if you aren't a follower now, please hit the follow button!  My 31 Days of Me, Then is about to wrap up and then it's GIVEAWAY TIME!


  1. This wreath would make a cute children's party decoration, too! I lovethis and you picked a great way to display it

  2. This reminds me of a wreath I did for my daughters nursery. You take a wreath just as you did but you cut fabric of choice into squares with pinking shears. Take the squares and something long and sharp (ex. chop stick) put it in the middle of the fabric and push them into the wreath. You fill your wreath up with this fabric. It looks alot like yours with the cupcake liners. I'm not to good at explaining but maybe you could search on the web.

  3. Hello, Then

    Nice to meet you online... You have a great family...with big and beautiful house.

    Best regards

  4. This turned out YUMMY!!!


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