Tuesday, January 26, 2010

31st Day of Me, Then!

On this 31st Day of Me, Then I wanted to walk you through my crazy life, now.

  • I am taking 2 classes online this semester that I thought would be a piece of cake, well, more like a bowl of clam chowder. I HATE clam chowder!

  • My son is 101% potty trained and yes, he occasionally sneaks off outside to go #2.

  • My daughter is amazing, what can I say, well, amazing but still leaves every light, drawer, door, etc. on or open as she goes from room to room.  (MAKES ME CRAZY)

  • Oh, my son now says "sir and ma'm" to us!  WOOHOO!

  • I can't stand when parents allow their children to say "yah" or "huh".

  • My fish taco blog is coming, I promise!

  • We just lost an uncle on my husbands side to cancer. I am thankful for his peace now.

  • My husband and I have committed to date night once a month this year and already have our February one planned! 

  • I am still struggling with working out daily, its a constant battle and I need to overcome it soon and make time for my health.

  • I am flat out tired!  Ever just get like that? I need nice weather 7 days straight!  Is that so much to ask?

I want to leave you with a craft on this 31st day and remind you that tomorrow is
So come back tomorrow!

Frame from the Dollar Tree!  Isn't it precious? and a chipboard letter J and some scrapbooking paper!

After I loaded this pic I went and wiped down those old cabinets!  HORRIBLE fingerprints and dirt!  YUCK!
My bathroom is white, blue and brown! 

This is Me, Then!

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  1. I got a pack of 3 of these frames from Target for 1.00, maybe I will go get more so I can make her name. Too cute!


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