Tuesday, January 26, 2010

31 Days of Just Me, Then!

I thought I would jump in here and make sure I answered these questions from my original post back in November.  I have answered some but not all. SO, my answers will be in blue!  ENJOY and don't forget tomorrow is GIVEAWAY TIME! 
Ok, you wanted it, you got it! Everyone is always saying, "How do you do it all" (I don't, there are really 5 of me running around!  Haven't you heard?), "Wow, you are so busy"(what you call busy, I call living), "Another party"(Ok, I have calmed down!  I did say yes to a FAITH party and Creative Memories when I REALLY knew I was overwhelmed and I cancelled them both. I also did not have my annual Reindeer Feed Party, or we did NOTHING for New Years! But see, here's my problem, when is someone ELSE going to take up the slack and have these parties so I don't feel like I have to?) , "How much school do you have left" (a million years, next question, please!), "You haven't graduated yet" (well no, or you would see my name in the paper as Teacher of the Year!), "Why do you like Twilight so much" (I don't have enough time or room to get into it here, but what the Twilight Saga does for me is 3 things, 1. It brings me closer to my daughter, 2. It awakened my love of reading that had long been gone and 3. It takes me to a place where I want to be, a special place where men actually treat women like princesses, take care of them, make decisions for them and wait for marriage. A fairytale place I am afraid!), "Are you really in a Twilight Sorority" (I was, but it broke up, nothing me or my friends did, but I am still a Twilight Mom and have a GREAT group of ladies here in the area that I do things with. One big giant book club), "Did you really go to two New Kids on the Block concerts last year (Heck yes and I touched Joey and I ALMOST touched Donnie), "Is Cash potty trained yet" (YES YES YES), "How do you make those fish tacos you are always talking about"(I promise that blog is coming soon!  I honestly forget to take pics), "I thought you would be at U of H by now"(When my son starts Kindergarten, I will start at U of H), "Do you really do all Lance's office work for him" (I do half or less and he does the most.  My mom helps on and off throughout the year as well. BUT, I do payroll every Friday!  Only I know how!), "Are you and Lance really that happy"(words can't express how blessed and lucky I am to have found him.  He's amazing!), and PLENTY more questions or comments!
What does all this mean? It means that over the next 31 days I am going to walk you through my day to day life. Some of its going to be boring, some of its going to be pretty darn exciting and some of it you are going to go, "WOW, that's her real life". I hope to post lots of pictures, and sometimes it will just be a description or timeline of my day. Some of it you will get tips and tricks for decorating or cooking, and other things you are going to go, "wow, they are kinda boring over there". HA!
Grab a seat, pour a cup of coffee AND click on the "Follow my Blog" button so you can check back daily or weekly on what I am doing. I won't be holding anything back, but remember, This is Me, Then. I change from day to day!


  1. what a great way to give some insight! you do live an interesting life girl :)

  2. Can't wait! You are a wonderful wife and Mom and truly an inspiration!

  3. I can't wait for some of those answers!!


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