Monday, June 1, 2009

Confession Time and Upcoming Contests and Giveaways!!

I have a wild and wacky week coming up! Once I get Tay's school year, her "I'm a 5th Grader Now" slumber party, a family BBQ and her dropped off at camp over with I can officially begin my summer!
Remodeling, decorating and painting, here I come!
Confession Time: I have not eaten Beef since Memorial Day! What does this mean? I don't know, but this working out thing has me spinning! I even got chicken and mushrooms on my pizza last night at Movie Tavern instead of my usual Pepperoni! I get home all excited and Lance says, "You big dummy, Pepperoni is pork"! I said, "Oh". (It was my Jessica Simpson moment) I am not swearing off Beef, but I have found myself cooking my usual "beefy" meals with ground turkey or chicken and making wiser choices when I eat out. I think, now, no one quote me on this or ask for my blood, but I think I am going to save beef for "rare" occasions! ;o)
Upcoming Contests and Giveaways!
1st off, my 100th blog post is around the corner! Watch out for an exciting contest with some AMAZING favorites of mine off of Etsy! Here is a teaser!

Then, the giveaways! Oh, the giveaways! I will be going through my collection of serving pieces I have collected over the years from Southern Living and more. I will be selling some for "STEALS" and others I will simply giveaway by getting you guys to leave quirky little posts on here for me! Anyone that knows me, knows I have a large collection of serving pieces, so get ready for some fun! Unless I add on another room to this house, this stuff has to go!

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  1. i love your Jessica Simpson moment- too cute! whoohoo for contests & giveaways :) congrats on good food choices-it's not easy.


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