Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Giveaway!

The Southern Living at Home Gallery Ice Bucket and Tongs are up for grabs today!

It is from my own personal collection and gently used. You will LOVE it!
All you have to do is leave a comment if you want it and share with us one of your favorite drinks and the recipe if you can! Something "cool and fun" for the summer, or something "sassy" for a summer night! Just tell us the name of it, or share a link to a recipe for it, or give us the recipe!

Good Luck! The contest is over at 10:00 P.M. (central) on Wednesday Night!


  1. I want it.....& one of my favorite drinks is semi frozen sangria. Here's the recipe:

    *gallon of Carlos Rossi Sangria
    *one liter each of sprite and ginger ale
    *one large frozen lime-aid and orange juice.

    mix together and freeze. serve partially thawed as a slush.

  2. my new fave drink is almond tea:
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 3/4 cup sugar
    1 qt water
    1tsp vanilla
    2tsp almond extract
    1 cup strong tea- made w/ 3 individual size tea bags
    1qt gingerale
    mix all but gingerale together and then add the soda right before serving. ok, i do add some amaretto liqueur to my glass for cocktail time :) yummy!

  3. My favorite drink is a Pineapple-tini
    2 oz pineapple juice
    1 oz Vodka
    1 oz Malibu rum
    2 olives

    mix well and pour - Yummy!!

  4. I have two... lol - one -

    Grapelicious Yogurt Pops

    Popsicle Mold
    Grape Juice
    Vanilla Yogurt

    One teaspoon of vanilla yogurt in each popsicle mold. Fill 3/4 with Grape Juice and then add another teaspoon - or maybe two of more yogurt. Stir them up - and freeze! It makes the greatest swirled yogurt and grape popsicles and the kids LOVE them. Even my middle child who hates yogurt eats these.

    Now - for something more adult that James used to make when we had parties for my August BIrthday -


    Drill a hole in the watermelon - and insert the bottle of Vodka. Flip it over and let the vodka slowly drain into the melon. We used to ice it down and let the vodka just drain into it all day - and then cut it open mid party. Many people had just a little too much fun after a little of James's Vodka Watermelon. Of course we don't do that anymore!! Ha!

  5. OK I follow your blog just never post but I so want my name in the hat for this one (lol) My kids love this drink in the summer:
    Cherry Lemonade slushies
    Make Cherry kool aid and freeze into ice cubes place frozen cubes in cup and pour in your fave and refreshing:0)

  6. well mine is very simple, Crown and Coke :)


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