Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Giveaway

In case you haven't heard, "This is Me, Then" is celebrating 100 blog posts this week. There will be a new give away M-Th with one of my favorite things off of http://www.etsy.com/ on Friday!

This is something from my personal Southern Living at Home collection that I hate to part with, but I know it will find a great new home.

It is a mixing bowl and pie plate. I want to say it was called Butter Cream, but I could be way off. I just know that they no longer carry this color.
*The pic above truly represents the color best. It is not white and it is not yellow. It truly is a cream color in the middle.

I took this pic to show the detail, but again, it is not white. The flash makes it seem whiter.

They were gently used and I see them being used in some wonderful cooks kitchen, or full of apples on a counter or shelf, or in my friend Anna's kitchen (it would go with her new cabinets). The ideas are endless with these great treasures.
*If you would like to win today's giveaway please leave a comment and tell us about the one dish or recipe that reminds you of your childhood. You can make it short, or tell us if you have a story behind it. I will leave this contest up until 10:00 P.M. Central tonight! (Midnight is too late for me) and then I will post the winner along with Wednesday's Giveaway!


  1. I know it's too late, but I wanted to post that my favorite childhood memory revolving around food were the homemade flour tortillas made from scratch by my mother on a regular basis.

  2. My favorite meal when I was growing up was "breakfast casserole". We ALWAYS had this on Christmas Morning. Just this past year, my brother was in town for Christmas and I was making the "traditional" Christmas breakfast and my brother said "it smells like Christmas in here". He was so happy that I was passing our Christmas breakfast tradition on to my own family.

  3. Julie, I hope I win today!
    The favorite foods of my childhood are all the baked goods my Mum used to make - ginger crunch, scones, apple crumble, shortbread.....

  4. There are so many! But every time I eat homemade tamales, they remind me of childhood. My neighbor for my first 18 years of life would make them for us, along with homemade tortillas, rice and beans, every day after school. I really think i need to win this pie plate, sister! :)

  5. I remember my Nanny making homeade fruit kolaches and Holska bread (It's a Czech dessert bread). I loved standing on a step-stool with flour all over my hands and clothes and "helping" her. Also, helping my grandpa bake "tea cakes" - I can still smell the cinnamon and sugar just thinking about it.


  6. My favorite childhood dish is my grandmothers seafood gumbo. Everytime she comes to town she makes it for me. The next time she does i'm going to have to write the recipe down. That dish is cute Julie!

  7. There were 6 of us kids so we proudly ate rice and gravy,cornbread,greenbeans, and when we could afford it fried chicken, totally loved it my mom made her batter from scratch, still love it to this day!!!

  8. Now that dish would go very well in my kitchen, Red, Black, White.... and as for Childhood foods I remember liking the most was when I lived with my Grandmother, she made the best Buttermilk Bisquits in the world and she would melt cheese inbetween while they were still hot.... Mary Walker


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