Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday's Giveaway and the Final One for the week!

Well, I had a change of heart and decided to hold on to something I was going to get rid of. I have a set of brown jars I have collected over the years and they don't match a darn thing here! Well, my dear friend Heather told me to hold on to them and maybe even paint them to match my new kitchen I am working on this summer! SO, with that said today's giveaway (and final giveaway) is this AWESOME, AMAZING little treasure I found through the Lettered Cottage on Etsy. It's from and its a little jar w/216 Ideas For Bored Children (Summer). I can see this sitting on a shelf in your kitchen or den, or I see it wrapped up with a candle or coffee and given to a special mom you know!

All you have to do to enter today's contest is to leave a comment with 1 idea you have to do when a mom is sitting at home and hears those famous words, "I'm Bored". Contest is over on Thursday at 10:00 P.M.

Good Luck!


  1. i'll be first because i can't wait for anything, we all know i have four kids, so here's what i do, load em up and go to sonic and get a slush and a movie from redbox! they love to pick their own movies!!

  2. AJ is quite at the age to where he gets "bored" but I would probably take him outside for a little "water day" with the sprinkler, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and of course, popsicles.

  3. Ok..I remember you telling me about here I am...and I know...decorate Koosies or make koosie the ones on my blog.

  4. I love playing board games, so would play a board game with them!

  5. Right now all my daughter wants to do is go to the pool !!!

  6. my son loves to learn new bible songs.. so I either remember another one from my childhood or put a cd on a teach him one with the actions.. stays in his head for days.. and he learns more fun ways to learn about Jesus!

  7. we've been heading outdoors everyday at about 3 pm to play in the water and enjoy some kind of pops or icecream are usually on the menu.

  8. We play hide and seek!! My goodness they come up with some great places! :)

  9. Hi there.
    I just stopped over from Gina's Chalkboard party and I'm so glad I did. Your blog is great, and I am excited to look around. I love the chalkboard door. It's a great use of space. The paint cans are great too.
    Oh, my "Mom, I'm bored" advice. Obviously this only works for summertime, but here goes. We made sponge balls recently by cutting up sponges in strips and tying their halfway point with embroidery floss to create spiky sponge balls. Give the kids a couple buckets of water, some sponge balls and back yard full of soaking possibilities.
    Kids + water = fun every time.


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