Monday, June 15, 2009

Green is My New Black!

Green seems to be all over my kitchen!
(pay no attention to all the wood walls and cabinets,
they will be black or white before summers end!)
Well, I think Buffy over at B. Jane Brewing is the one person that knows my obsession (she shares it too) about colors in a home.
For example, if a room is Yellow and Brown, how in the world can you decorate it with red for Christmas?

If your dining room is dark blue, how do you have a Halloween Party with Orange and Black cookies on the table?

I am serious when I say this is an illness I have!
So, I finally came to realize a few things.

1. Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade ways and show,

should be my go to text-book!

She has the right idea about going with ALL WHITE dishes and bringing in

ANY COLOR you want!

2. I was already bringing in green and I didn't even know it!

3. I am a big girl! I can change the color whenever I please

for every holiday I please!

and 4. I better get Lance to add a room to the house because I still want to change the colors for each holiday! HA!

and lastly, 5. Green is turning into LOTS of fun for the summer!

UH OH, I just remembered 4th of July is around the corner!

I better break out all my red stuff!


  1. I have always loved green and had a lot of it in my house, now I am starting to use a variety of colors. I am going to try and do some real plants - ferns, herbs in the kitchen etc to bring some real 'green' into the house. I have never been good with house plants but this house has more natural light than my last one so hopefully that will help ;)
    BTW that is a very cute picture of Cash!

  2. Oh Yes...I have really been thirsty for color lately and this makes me want to start decorating today! Love everything!


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