Saturday, July 18, 2009

Step 1, We Can Have Lots of Fun...

Guess Where I am going tonight?
Yep, a New Kids on The Block concert! and yes, I went to one when I was 13 and I went to one last fall when I was 33 and yes, I am going again!
I can't describe the fun I had when they came out on stage last fall. It was like I was 13 again for 2 hours. It was amazing and I think everyone should go back in time once in awhile if you can!
Ok, all you NKOTB fans! I know you are out there. Post any New Kids memories you have and/or finish the steps for me in "Step by Step". I already gave you step 1. There are 5 steps!


  1. Step 2, there's so much we can do ?

    I went to a concert as a kid with panties on my head. I don't remember why, but it was something one of the radio stations was telling people to do.

  2. Step 3, it's just you and me.....

  3. I hope you had fun at the concert !!! I went the last time they came and it was like I was 12 instead of 30 !!! I had so much fun !! OMG !! They are still hot. When I was younger I loved Joey but as an adult I'm all about Jordan !! I thought it was funny how DOnnie ALWAYS had a hat on......... maybe cause he's thinning out on top ?? :P


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