Monday, July 6, 2009

My Summer Southern Living Party!

I have a Southern Living at Home party every summer! I thought I would share some pics of my friends and set up for the party! Pay very close attention to all the "brown" you see in my kitchen! All that brown will be white or black pretty soon. We are going to start our kitchen remodel after the 4th!
I am sure you have heard, pick one color and stick with it for a party theme? Well, gasp, if you haven't! HA! I chose red this time and what you are seeing is a shelf in my corner that I used for the "Vodka Punch" drink station.

Just some clear "short" plastic cups, sliced strawberries, blueberries, vanilla yogurt and a cherry on top.

If your dip mixes have cute labels, keep them and set them out in front. This cuts down on the "what is this" questions!

This is me, then, making a bread bowl!

My amazing Southern Living Consultant and friend!

Just Lots of Friends and Lots of fun! Did I mention we play a board game every year! This year was Taboo, again! You can't beat Taboo! But we need some new cards! HA!


  1. ACK! I'm so upset I missed!!! When's the next shindig?? Looks perfectly coordinated.

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  3. Looks like a wonderful party Julie!! When you said board games, it made me think of 'Fact or Crap'. Ya'll should play that. ;)

    (my brother was signed in on his google account, UGH!!! so I had to delete that comment and sign in as me...LOL)


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