Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodwill + The Beach = Fantastic

I hit the Goodwill on the island this past week and I was hesitant at first glance because it was very small and crowded. I was already feeling flustered! Then, I saw her across the room and I knew it was SL fate! Southern Living fate that is. This two tiered stand is from Southern Living at Home. I should know, I own one and it is no longer available. She fits the dress me up trays! Well, this puppy retailed at $44.95 and I am sure I earned it free of half priced from one of my one million parties I have thrown, but I had to have another one! It was in PERFECT condition! I went to the front desk, there was no price on her, and I just knew it would be $10 at the minimum. She looked at it and said, $2.99. WHAT WHAT WHAT! She was mine! I must say she loves it here so far! I think my original one is already smitten with her. He has been lonely at all those parties!

Then I saw this guy laying sideways on a shelf. I think he had fallen over and I had to rescue him!
He now has a home in my kitchen! Did I say he was $1.99? He was!
Then there was this basket, for .99! What you can't really see in this pic is that it is off white, a creamy vanilla color actually!
I knew it would be perfect on my shelf in the hallway for those hand towels I just don't know what to do with, but they are great to have on hand for spills, etc. but not pretty enough to make it into my kitchen kind of towels!
Who can say no to any basket?


  1. OK, so i have decided without your permission that you have to come help me. I love arranging things and placing them but accessorizing overwhelms me, I walk into Hobby Lobby and can't make a decision to save my life. AHHH so when ya comin? haha :) i wish.

  2. Julie, wow, SL at Goodwill! you got some great deals :)


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