Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 60th Opa!

My brother and I threw my dad a "Surprise 60th Birthday Party".
"Older Than Dirt"
This was the look on his face when he walked in! He thought he was just meeting me and my family and my brother and his girlfriend and daughter! Boy was my dad Surprised!

First he walked straight to his sister!

Then he mingled around the room!

My uncle, cousin and his wife!

Big Sister and Little Brother!

My mom's brother, my dad's ex-brother in law even came to celebrate!

My Aunt and my dad's best friend from High School! I used to leave him contracts and notes at his house every time we would visit him about the child support I needed for my Cabbage Patches! He would always sign them! It was too cute!

Happy Birthday Johnny Angel!


  1. aww! that was so sweet! you did have a huge weekend :)

  2. this is awesome! Johan was a customer of mine when I worked at Rusche Fuel Control!! He turned into a wonderful friend!! I'd like to wish him a belated Happy Birthday!!! what a wonderful surprise!!!


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