Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson and What He Meant to Me.

Ok, I must say that the longer time passes the more emotional I get about Michael's death. Was, I some huge fan? No. Had I paid much attention to him these last few years? No. Did I think he had gone a little crazy? Yes. Do I think he was inappropriate with any young boys? I don't know, if I had to bet, no, I don't think he was. Do I think God will handle him if he did do those horrible things, or those parents that accused him and in turn ruined his reputation if he didn't? Yes, I think it is not my place to judge, and I know in my heart that justice will be served. Will we ever know the truth? No, I don't think so. But, and "This is Me, Then", by the time you read this there may be some break in Heavens Gates and we find out the truth, but I will tell you one thing, if someone, a celebrity or not, touched my son the way they claim Michael Jackson did you WOULD NOT BE ABLE to buy me off with 1 million or 10 million dollars to be quiet and settle out of court. I would fight to the end to make sure you were NEVER around children again. You can't pay for a crime like that with money. I am off my soap box, I just had to say my little piece in this Pop Culture piece of history. His music is timeless and him being weird and odd, well, I have seen some weird flipping stuff lately on TV and in the real world that is no different. Michael doing it, just made everyone crazy. May he rest in peace and I pray he was at peace in his walk with God.

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