Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going to the chapel ...

Can you believe, "This is Me, Then" thought, she was going to a family swim party at her mom's to see her Uncle from out of town, when she was REALLY going to a wedding?

Not just any wedding, my mother's wedding! I had to think fast and get a cake and flowers (did I mention she told me this at noon and the party started at 6:00) HA!

The flowers above were a gift from her brother and future hubby. (ok, that sounds like I meant one person, but I didn't, literally her brother and her groom went together and got those for her!) HA!

The Happy Couple! Ain't she pretty?

The rings! (oh don't worry ladies, her big diamond is on the way)

Don't you just love my cake stand? It sure worked out perfectly!

Yummy Cake!

The party included lots of friends and family! This is the groom's brother and his new bride as well!

The End!

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