Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Fun!

I saw on BJane Brewing that she made towels with some stamps and fabric paint.
I have been wanting to make some towels for our beach trip and I kept putting it off!
So, I ran to Walmart and got the supplies (got the Ralph Lauren bath sheets at Tuesday Morning for $8 each)

I opted for Fabric Pens and stencils to make it quick and painless for me!
I think it looks amazing and I am bringing the stencils and paint to the beach for a craft on the first night for my daughter and her friend!

*great idea for a slumber party w/tshirts or bags.


  1. Super idea and great tip on the Tuesday Morning towels. I need to go there!

  2. I think these are super cute, but I can't go to Tuesday Morning. I know there are great buys in places like that, but I have a serious anxiety attack in unorganized places. Maybe you know of one that's organized, but I feel like I'm going to pass out ! This is why I can't go to Ross either....

  3. turned out cute! I havn't used fabric pens or stencils yet! I will try next time!


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