Friday, March 5, 2010

What I did this afternoon instead of finishing my pantry!

I met 3 of my dear friends at a "funky little shack" in town for lunch today, well lunch turned into afternoon and well, it was a blast!
The four of us actually "scrap" together twice a year at retreats and throughout the year when we can at other events.  BUT, we are also great friends!
Oh My!
This is Michelle and I must say I love her too death!  She and I met almost four years ago in a local playgroup but it took Hurricane Ike, an evacuation to Austin, a stolen cell phone and Shady Grove to really bring us closer!  She is an amazing mother, wonderful wife and loyal friend.  I know Michelle would do anything for me or my family.  Thank you Michelle for being you!  Crazy, crazy you! 
This is Andi and Jayme! Andi and I met at a retreat almost  two years ago and it took a New Kids on the Block concert or two to really bring us together!  "Step 1, we can have lots of fun".  ;o) Andi, is a wonderful friend, amazing mother and wife, and a hard worker.  She juggles it all and always has a smile on her face! I am looking forward to the future with my friend Andi and also know she would do anything for me.
Now Jayme and I also met a retreat almost two years ago and I will never forget her saying, "I live in the town with the hole". Ha!  (inside story)  She and I bonded over driving me around looking for Vitamin Waters in Conroe, Texas. (I am happy to report I have been Vitamin Water free for 3 weeks). Anyway, she is a sweet sweet lady, and also an amazing mother and wife.  I look forward to growing our friendship because I think she is pretty darn nifty!
These are some very special ladies and that pantry can wait!  Well, not too long, my hubby is coming home tomorrow night!  I gotta get it done! 
This is Me, Then


  1. Awww, I've made your blog! I'm famous now. ;)

    Thanks Julie, I adore you and your talents. You amaze me. :) I'm so glad we went on the Vitamin Water/Starbucks run at the retreat that day. ;)

  2. Aw Julie! You may me cry! I love you too and I love your family! You ain't getting rid of me anytime soon. Even though we moved to Barbers Hill I am only a short drive and a phone call away!

  3. I love all you guys! I wish I could have been there :) SOMEDAY SOON!! :) You all look great and Julie is right, you are all great, wonderful, and special women!!!!


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