Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can anyone guess what I am about to do?

What is the Meaning of Red Doors on a House?
Red means similar but slightly differing things in different cultures. In magical folklore and western culture, red is the color of passion, lust and deep love - intensity. In China, it's a color of prosperity, happiness and good fortune. In India, it is a bridal color, and one of celebration.

In many European traditions, the front door to a home was painted red to ward off ghosts and evil spirits ~ an old Pagan bit of superstition. As most of the early American homes with red doors echoed Germanic or British traditional styles, it's logical to assume that this is the meaning that was intended.

The Christians later adopted this Pagan tradition as they have so many others, changing the meaning to suit - in this case, claiming that a home or a church with a red door was representative of the blood of Christ, therefore protecting those who dwell within.

This is Me, Then! 


  1. Love a red door! It will look great on your back door!

  2. I wanted a red door but wasn't sure how it would look by our brick. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Mines black. I love it! I looks great with any decor or color on it.
    Marla Criss


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