Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pantry Makeover!

My life stopped last Wednesday when I began to clean out my pantry!  It consumed me!  We live in a house built in 1908 (as per our tax appraisal) Ha!  We have NO hall or linen closets so I had to get creative when it came to our pantry which is a treasure! 
 YES, I am putting my personal self out there!  My house looks like a pretty package on the outside but when we moved here 6 years ago I suddenly got pregnant, our business went through the roof busy and I went back to school!  Things get CHUNKED into closets and drawers and cleaned out maybe once a year if that!  This time I really did it and made it right! 

ENJOY, I know I didn't doing it!  HA!

Everything has a reason and a place!
You can see the floor!
Ugly shelf paper is gone!
My family is so proud of me! 
I got down on my knees to take the pic above!  I made all these things very low because its the kids "Snack Station" The two tins are full of "healthy" snacks like nuts, popcorn, chocolate kisses, real fruit strips and more. The hanging wire baskets are AMAZING to give you more space options!  I filled those also with healthy choices that are normally in boxes that take up space!  Open them up and put it all out there for the kids!  My 4 year old doesn't need any help getting his own snack!
I can get to all my "plug in" items easily now!
I placed things higher that I don't use very often.
At the very top I found these wine glasses I purchase at Pier One for half off over 5 years ago.  I used them for one party and placed them WAY up high and towards the back!  I forgot about them and could have used them MANY times!  I put them a bit lower and up front so I will remember them next time!
A shoe rack is an AWESOME "catch all" for ziploc bags, foil and more!
My Goodwill "Lazy Susan" finally found a perfect home for my jar friends!
This red bucket has a handle for EASY grabbing when someone has an accident!  I filled it with everything needed for "bumps and scrapes"
This tray can be pulled out and set on the counter when you are looking for that certain something to take the pain away!
I think my spices on the plastic "lazy susans" are my favorite part of the makeover!
Tons of Cookie Cutters!
Drink Station!
I call these staircases for my canned foods!
Oh and I am SO happy that I was able to clear an entire shelf for my old cookbooks that have been sitting in a box and place my recipes on cards, paper, whatever, in my box!

This is Me, Then. I will NEVER go back to that old pantry!


  1. It looks AMAZING! Well worth a few days of working hard!

  2. awesome job julie!!! i love the wire racks and can staircases :)

  3. WOW...you need a vacation after tackling that project. It LOOKS amazing!O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D!!!!


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