Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of Day 2 Kitchen

Day 2 is REALLY wonderful!
The primer is on and our eyes are burning, but it's worth it!
Everything that you see white, will be white and everything you see the blue/grey will be black!
Except the back door is going to be red, remember?!
I actually kinda like the cabinets
the primer color!
Now, don't you all vote for me getting a black antique stove to replace this one?
The closer we get to the end I think I should NOT get granite and I should go with tile (subway tile) to match my house! 
Decisions Decisions!
(but that is for later, I have months to decide)
I decided on a white ceiling! 
I am SO glad I did!
I decided to paint the china cabinet top black!  Can anyone see all my white serving pieces on it? I can!
I think the beadboard really POPS now!
Can you believe the transformation and there isn't even any paint yet?  Do you think my table and chairs miss me?  (inside joke around here. That table and chair set should be a diamond on my finger. I opted for that as my ten year wedding anniversary gift 3 years ago instead of a new ring! Maybe I can take a picture of it and make a pretty necklace!)

This is Me, Then!

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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that beadboard! The ceiling is spectacular too! I need you to help me with my house!

    P.S. Who took these photos of your and your fam?


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