Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Frozen Pizza MUST!

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE pizza!  Homemade is the best, fast food kind is the worst!  And somewhere in the middle is Archer Farms All Natural Frozen Pizzas!
(purchased at Target of course)
This one is their Goat Cheese and Spinach and it is SO yummy and fresh!  I made a side salad to go along with it and what a lunch!!

*TIP: I have had my family on an All Natural, Organic, Healthy way of living for a month now and we feel FANTASTIC! We are spending a bit more here and there on some items but we are SAVING way more in the long run because we have been cooking at home and passing right by those fast food restaurants! 

*I promise my pantry makeover is coming, I have everything spread out all over the kitchen and dining room and I am really organizing!  I just made a "Jackson First Aid Kit Bucket" You are gonna love it! 


  1. That pizza looks yummy !! I think you should organize a "Crosby Mom healthy family" group so us mom's can all get together and talk about what we are doing to make our families eat more healthy , share recipes and maybe have some friendly competition to give us a push to start our weight lose to go long with our healthy living ?? What do you think ?? :)

  2. That does look really good!

  3. We are not eating organic, but we are dieting. We spent so much at the store but feel better and are spending less overall because we are not eating out! AND!! I have not had a coke since Sunday!!!!!!!!

  4. this looks good Julie, we often get our groceries at Target so I will have to take a look at their pizzas


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