Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Country Living meets Cottage Charm!

Welcome to my "Serenity".
I need to take a class on how to use my camera indoors
(Hint Hint Viv)
Imagine VERY VERY light granite countertops
with a beige background and hints of black specs.
Notice the handmade tablecloth my Dad brought back from Polland last summer?
 It fits perfectly in my NEW, OLD soul of a kitchen!
I actually loaded my  Mom up with half of my decorations
because it just didn't fit and I wanted a less is more approach.
We have plans for pushing the fridge back into the wall and a bit in our
daughters room and will build her a ledge to decorate.
(this house was not built for a modern day fridge).
My apron was meant to hang here!
The shelf in my hallway was unpainted, untreated wood.
It now has a beautiful rice grain finish and acts as my linen closet. 
Before these baseboards were covered up by a horrible ivy board.  Luckily the original boards were still in great shape and we added the quarter round to seal the deal!

When I hung the last picture I wanted to say "How Divine"
The ceiling is one of my favorite parts.
Cash even approves!
I think you can see how we went from Country Living to Cottage Charm!
This is Me, Then


  1. Turned out great Julie...glad you are happy!!

  2. It looks better than I imagined! I know you are happy to have your kitchen back, whats for dinner?

  3. It looks incredible!!! Does this mean you're ready for an AT Home segment. huh huh??? =)

  4. Beautiful kitchen! I love all the sweet decorations! I'm curious though...you don't have a vent over your stove (we don't either). Just wondering if you have any issues with the "food" smell in your house. I'd love any tips you have. Thanks!!!

  5. Julie,

    The kitchen looks so BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to see it!! You had made a comment about the stove, an antique stove would look gorgeous in your kitchen! Until then, you can send your stove out and have it recoated like you did for your sink and have it finished off in black.

    K. Criddle


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