Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter/Spring Schedule

Not many people know this about me but I truly want to stay at home and be a "50's Housewife" I do, I really do!  I will put the pearls on and wear the apron and high heels.  I just love to be home.  With that said, another part of me wants to bring in a little money and feel like I am contributing to society and one way I can do that and still be the best wife and mother is by teaching.  I am about to start my junior year and believe I have found an online program through a great school that will allow me to take all my classes from home and start to substitute teach.  This will allow me a little money to help pay off some debt and give me the flexibility to be there for my children.  This semester I will be subbing 2 days a week while my son is at school and hopefully I will get called and stay busy!  I am BLESSED w my mom and my hubby that will make sure my son gets to and from preschool on those days. 

SOOOOOOOO, this means I need to get on a schedule/routine around here.  Now, you may not agree with this but I enjoy cleaning on the weekends when my husband is 100 percent free to help keep the kids occupied and I am not sidetracked with pickups and dropoffs.  I am going to be breaking the house up into zones so I can do some deep cleaning but until then I am going to get this house under control! 

*oh and my frugal living has taken a DRAMATIC turn in the right direction.  We have stopped all eating out and eat all 3 meals a day at home.  No more running to Chick Fil A for a tea.  I have been making my own!

*I plan on posting pics of my stocked pantry soon.  I have been organizing it and I also want to make a "Jackson Family Menu" so I have a place to look at our favorite meals and the items it takes to make them!  Gotta get organized so on the days I work we don't miss a beat!

*What will I do with my extra money!  Tithe and pay of debt!

This is Me, Then.


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