Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well, we managed 4 years!

well, we managed 4 years of no organized sports! yes, we have not done one organized sport in 4 whole years!  YES YES YES it has been so nice!  LOL!  Let me give you a run down of what our 12 year old daughter has done since she was born. not many people know she did all this!
  • beauty pageants:birth-2
  • ballet and tap: 3-5
  • competition cheer:4-5
  • softball:3-6
  • swim team:6-8
  • basketball:7-8
  • soccer:5-8
this is just sports!  the girl has done SO many other activities!

right before she turned 9 she said NO MORE!  she was done and we didn't fight her.  she now competes academically each year and has taken piano lessons off and on and is just an all around AMAZING little lady!

NOW, why did i bring this up? we sign my 5 year old son up for baseball today. 
i am SO not into bickering baseball park drama or coaches SCREAMING at 5 year olds because they arent winning.  so if thats you and you are a coach, don't draft my child.  HA!

This is Me, Then.

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