Sunday, January 16, 2011


this week my husband and i had a "come to Jesus" meeting as he likes to call it.  we really sat down and looked at our goals and our wants and our needs.  to achieve the things we have set out in front of us we need to get in control.  we need to be in control of our health, our spiritual life, our finances and more. 

we decided to achieve those dreams we must get real, real quick.  we want to be financially debt free except our home in the next 2-3 years.  then in the next 6 years we want to have our home paid off, our daughters college fund saved in full, our sons at least half way there and find our retirement home/farm and purchase it with the intent of having it paid off by the time we are 50. 

WOOSH!  to do ALL this we need to get with it!  Dave Ramsey here we come! 

changes we have made this week, small, but a start.

  1. i brought my own water bottle to the movie theater.
  2. we STOPPED eating out or buying drinks on the go, ex. Sonic and Chick Fil A teas.
  3. we ate out after church today w gift cards from Christmas and only spent $11.00 in tip and video games.
  4. i have lost 5 lbs. just buy watching what i eat and choosing healthier options at home. ex. soups, salads, meats w low or no carbs.
  5. called our cable company and knocked $65 a month from our bill.
  6. stopped renting movies off the tv. Netflix only, or we don't watch it!
I will try and post once a week about any changes we have made. 

This is Me, Then.

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