Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Terrific Tuesday Tales...

On any given weekend night you will find my family around a fire waiting for some yummy food my husband has grilled!  I LOVE my family and I LOVE to be home.  Do you know why?  I don't always feel welcome at other people's homes.  I mean, I feel welcome but not "comfy".  My house is comfy.  If I have 20 people coming over there will be chairs for 20. If I am serving dinner inside for 10, there will be places for 10 people to sit even if I pop up a card table in my bedroom or office (which I have done).  There will be candles lit, plenty of ice and cups.  Little touches like my chalkboard may have your name on it, or I remembered you don't like beef, you only eat chicken.  Those kinds of things that sometimes go unnoticed are always covered by me!  I try!  When you get to my house you will have my attention and everything will be ready.  Do I live in a mansion? No.  Does my house built in 1904 need some TLC? yes. Do we only have one bathroom? yes. Does it really suck to only have one bathroom? HA, YES!  But what we have is a home, not a house. But what we have is lived in walls with stories to tell, not brand new brick with nothing to say. But what we have is patience and love instead of so much room no one talks. 

Thank God for what you have and what your sacrifices have done for your family.  My home costs less than HALF of any of the homes around here and its worth MORE than any of them.

This is Me, Then.


  1. hey we have something in common! one freakin bathroom and an old house!

  2. I'd love to have you over some day Julie. I would think you just might feel comfy here. :)
    Thank God for good family!!


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