Friday, February 5, 2010

This and That

To Do List and This and That all in One!

  1. Make a Craft Closet
  2. Organize my office
  3. Organize Kitchen Cabinets
  4. Clean out and Declutter Den
  5. Clean out and organize Pantry
  6. Clean out and organize Master Closet
  7. Pick up new dresser for Tay and rearrange her room as a surprise
  8. Finish painting Cash's room so the poor child can move back in there
  • Those are just some bits and pieces of what I need to get done around here in the midst of two online classes that actually have more homework that I ever had on campus. SIGH! I am also in the midst of fullfilling my spiritual journey and praising God for opening the door to a Sunday School class put together at the local Baptist Church we have been visiting more off than on.  I am excited that not only has my hubby agreed to go, we know just about every couple that has also committed to attending!
  • I see GREAT things in our future! Oh, and we are booking a CHEAP Family Trip for next November to Disney World!  WOOHOO!

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  1. Great to-do list! You are a busy girl! Good luck with your classes!



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