Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little Birdie told Me...

A Little Birdie told me...
3 things

  1. Get the FACTS about what you are putting into your body

  2. You can find great deals and finds if you OPEN your eyes

  3. The Dollar Tree ROCKS!
I found this little guy for my office entry
way and he looks so pretty
 on these books as people walk in and out! 
The most AMAZING part of all is that he was a $1.
I am serious! 
Fly over to Dollar Tree now and I bet you will find his brothers and sisters in all sorts of colors!  I think they would look
"Bird-Tastic" on a book shelf or desk.


  1. so awesome!!! dollar tree is filled with such cute finds!

  2. i love the dollar tree. i was there the other day and almost bought one of those birds in yellow!


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