Monday, February 15, 2010

Burlap Meets Pottery Barn Eat Your Heart Out!

I started with a yard of Burlap!  Less than $3 and it will see MANY more projects! Hot Glue (LOTS, I used 3 mini sticks), scissors, ribbon and a clipboard.
And you will get this lovely clipboard!  (I meant to load this pick first) sorry!
There is no science to this project. Just cut enough to cover your board.  Play around with it until you get it right!
The glue will be hot so watch out when you press down with your hands. Oh and I ONLY used glue on the front top to make it fit perfectly and flush, no foldover on the top.  The other three sides I folded around and glued on the back.
Then you glue a bow on the front, and/or hang it with ribbon.
I made two and they found a new home in my office.
(one has the school calendar)
The corkboard and dry erase board are from Home Goods.  The chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby at 50% off I might add!
My little "Mommy Command Center" cost me less than $45. 
Pottery Barn, Eat Your Heart Out!


  1. 1st time here... Looks great. I saw something like that at Ballard online, but I like the price of yous better.

    Love your header... What a sweet looking family.

  2. I love the burlap clipboards!! Your command center looks amazing!!!


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