Friday, February 19, 2010

Got Inspiration?

I am inspired by many different blogs I follow.
I may not always post but believe me, I look at each and every one that I follow.
The Lettered Cottage inspired this wall for me. 
 I even ordered the sayings from TLC myself!
The packet came with quite a few that I have framed throughout the house and they are a constant reminder to me and my family that we are wonderful amazing people that God loves.
The collage over my bed is a constant reminder that God hand-picked me to inspire and lift up my babies each and every day!  Sometimes we need a little reminder!

God Bless and please send me any "Inspirational" pics, collages, art work, or just a piece of paper you have around your house to "Lift Up" those you love! 
I would love to post them next week in a blog!
Please get them to me by Monday Night! I will post on Tuesday or Wednesday!


  1. love this collage wall! i need to work on one for my entry way. gotta find a big "l"! when i get it all together...please come help me arrange!

  2. Aw I love this! I've never put anything above my bed because I didn't just want the "traditional" picture there. I might have to do something like this!

  3. Hi, Julie! Great blog! Would you please tell me where you got that package from? Is it The Lettered Cottage blog? I've looked everywhere on there and just can't find it. Wall looks wonderful, you are so talented!

  4. Hello Anonymous! I ordere it from her site that sells stuff, I think it was Lettered Art or something. I think she closed it down. I am not sure. But maye you could message her and ask. Its the quotes she used on her guest room wall collage. I was SO excited to order it! Its on heavy card stock. I am sure you could make it yourself but I was excited to have something TLC!


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