Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, Valentines's Day has started out pretty fab!  Let's take a peek.
  • We all slept in
  • We watched a sermon on TV
  • Went out to eat breakfast together
  • Home now to blogging while Hubby and the kids are putting a model together outside
  • Then I am cleaning and crafting while my "Love" mix CD plays loudly in the background!
  • Oh, first thing this morning we all exchanged Valentine's.  The coupon books were a HUGE success and Cupid brought Cash a Cars stamp set.  We all have "mater" stamps on our arms!  I got the sweetest card from my husband that he wrote "coupon" on and it says I can hand it to him anytime he's being a butt and he will immediately stop for the entire day!  WOOHOO!  And I got a gorgeous vase with a rose from Taylor and Cash and a "Twilight" card that is actually a poster of Edward and Jacob when you unfold it.  I already hung it in my closet with of course one of my purses hanging over Jacob's face!  HA! 
  • OH, and my husband got us Michael Buble' tickets!  I can't wait!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
Now, I wonder which coupon my daughter will cash in first? My son already said "Dairy Queen"!

*pictures below of the kids at the deer lease a few weeks ago!

At granny's new house in town!  Closer to our lease now! 
"Let go of me"
Cash is always exploring!
Old Camp House at the lease.
Our Lake
Bus the kids and daddy found while exploring.
(Our Deer Lease used to be a girls camp)
Just hanging out in the main house.
Road into camp was flooded.
I think this bus looks like "Mater"! 

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  1. Hey these are great pictures of the deer lease... that might be a great place for some really nice pictures in the spring when things green up!! Very cool to find that bus!!


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