Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Give So Much More Than I Get!

This is my "Modge Podge" Pizza Tray!  I LOVE it!
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I am feeling a bit strange in 2010
I feel like slapping on an apron, pearls and high heels and greeting my hubby at the door with a martini as I take his coat and briefcase. (well, not the heels, and not a coat and hat, more like tell him to take his boots off before he tracks mud through the house and to please not leave his baseball cap on the kitchen counter).
When you love someone you show them in SO many different ways!  One way is to let them know you are thinking about them all day, every day! 
With that said I wanted to make a special spread for my family this evening and enjoy this winter weather!  (Southest Texas is about to get hammered with some cold wet weather)
What better way than to fill their tummies up these next few days with some special treats made    by my own hands!
I liked an episode of Oprah a few weeks ago where an author said,
"If you are going to eat junk food, make it yourself.  Anything that has a shelf life is NOT GOOD FOR YOU".  As in, if a twinkie can sit in a box for a year and you can still open the bag, and eat it, that's NOT GOOD!  Something has to be in those ingredients to keep it fresh! 
That hit me like a TON of bricks and I have been really trying to make the best decisions for my family.  These are whole wheat blueberry muffins, chocolate sticks for coffee (which the kids can put in milk) and chocolate chip cookies!  Do I do this every day? No.Will I let them eat more than they should? No.
But my family will know I was thinking of them today and wanted to make them smile.  By making it extra special (not just throwing it on a paper plate) I also feel like they will know I took extra care. 
My son already walked by and said "Who's Birthday".  I said, "No one's.  Mommy just loves you, Daddy and Sissy". 
Give a little today.  Do something extra nice for someone you love. Bake, cook something they like or play a board game!  Oh, and using a paper plate is not a bad thing, but if you do draw a little heart or message on it.  That's what they want.  They want to know we care!
And after they eat their sweets tonight I will bag them up in correct portions for lunches this week.
This is Me, Then!
*Bonus.  If you do not have this little gadget below go and get it!  It's amazing!


  1. Even my 2 year old knows where the apple cutter is! Where did you find a recipe for the chocolate straws?

  2. those muffins look really good Julie!


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