Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3, of Me Then!

December 2nd!
This is starting to become a common theme around here. Let me walk you through what I am talking about.
7:00 A.M. I am up, asked Lance if he could start breakfast instead of me so I can get dressed for school and walk out to the shop to bring in a basket of clean clothes folded on our folding shelf. RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG! Julie, DON'T CHANGE THE ROUTINE! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
I get dressed and walk back in at 7:20 and NO BREAKFAST has been started. He is chatting with my brother about a job, which is very important I might add and I decide to help start the sausage with the words I was thinking suddenly flowing from my mouth like raw sewage, "this should have been started 15 minutes ago". OH BOY! It was on! Lance and I fought for an hour over what a witch I am and I turned it into a crying mess after I brought Tay to school about how no one appreciates me and I go to school and I do this and I do that and BLAH BLAH BLAH! Now, ladies, and maybe men read this, I have an AMAZING husband that I love dearly, but if I wanted the sausage in by 7:05 I should have done it myself. Would we die from sausage deprevation if the kids have to eat their's walking out the door instead of at the table? NO! Shouldn't I be thankful my husband even offers to help and is actually home when I am getting the kids out the door? Yes, I am so blessed and if I decide to change the routine then I need to remember the word I just typed, CHANGE!
-Daddy takes Bubba to school, I watch my DVR'ed Biggest Loser and cry my eyes out (thats another blog in itself).
-I head out to school, get into a little heated talk with my sweet teacher Mrs. Askey about my disgust with Tiger Woods and my love for Charles Barkley (can't exlain now).
-Then I meet a dear friend for lunch at Luby's, then some Target and Hobby Lobby time. Called hubby and asked if he could pick up Bubba so I could keep shopping, no, he was far away.
-I race to get him from school and on the way home he told me he not only pee'd in the potty but he "pooped" in the potty today and told me the size and number of each in the pot! WOOHOO my son is talking about #2!
-Got home and transfered Daddy's deer lease clothes into the dryer.
-Waited for Sissy's bus
-Showed my neighbor all my Avon samples and how to make invoices (her daughter sells too).
-Got ready for my brothers Birthday dinner at Salt Grass with my dad, mom and her new husband in attendence. It actually went very well. I am proud of my parents.
-Told Daddy goodbye, he's hunting for one day and night!
-Got dear daughter to run into Barnes and Noble to pick up the new cookbook from IT'S AMAZING!
-Came home, straightened the house, didn't get to the other end so I will be closing bedroom doors tomorrow for a playdate here with my son's best bud!
WOOSH! I'm tired! Going to bed with Thing 1 and Thing 2!
Remember, This is Me, Then! I may have changed by the time you read this!


  1. sorry you had a rough morning Julie! and biggest loser makes me cry almost every time too

  2. This is so hilarious Julie! Oh no, not that I'm laughing at your sausage misfortune it's just that you are such a doll! Hugs and YOU keep making that breakfast girl.


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