Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 12 of Me, Then!

On Day 12 I had one mission, to give my 11 year old daughter the best birthday ever! BUT, with that said, I was NOT letting her have the big bash she normally has every year. I wanted it to be small, just a few girlfriends, and some fun! No balloons, no nothing! She was actually quite excited because the sky was the limit as long as she kept it small!
So, what did she decide to do? She gave me a list of every sweet and junk food she wanted and first I took them to The Cheesecake Factory and to ride a boat to look at Christmas lights!

Then we came home and I helped them make homemade body sugar scrub! They LOVED it! It was easy, fun and very girlie!

All you need are mason jars, filled with one cup sugar, then add one cup of vegetable oil, then one drop of peppermint extract! Stir with a long spoon or fork, then close the lid tight and give it a good shake! AMAZING! It smells so good and works too! Found the idea on a blog I follow and I will NEVER buy sugar scrub again!

Now, if I can only find my camera cord to load the pics of them making it! Sigh!
This is Day 12, of Me, Then!


  1. Thanks again for this great idea!! I am making it for my teenage niece who has everything and never says thank you!

  2. GREAT Idea!!!! I will be filing this for my little girl someday...or maybe soon! She's already oh -so girly, and loves spa-ish time!!

  3. I love this idea!! What fun for Taylor's birthday!!


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