Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1 of Me, Then!

Well, tonights dinner only got a before pic, I forgot to take the after! HA! I had a WHIRLWIND of a day (I will explain below), but for dinner I had a pack of deer/hamburger meat out and NO IDEA what I was doing with it and I was NOT going to the store! I browned it, drained the grease off and stirred in two jars of Ragu Pizza sauce. Poured into the bottom of a glass baking dish, covered it in grated cheese (only had cheddar) and placed biscuits on top with butter. How long did I bake it for you ask? I don't know, about 30 minutes or so. I took it out when the biscuits were done, let it cool for about 10 minutes and my family LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Check 1 for mom!

What did I do today? Let's see:

-woke up a 6:00 A.M. hit the snooze until 7:00. Not smart, should have known then it was going to be a crazy day!

-7:00 A.M. Got everyone up, well, my son and husband that is. I screamed at my daughter until 7:30 when she finally decided to get up off of our couch in our sitting room (might I add its in our master bedroom).

-somewhere between 7:00 and 7:45 I managed to get dressed from head to toe and put a pony tail through a ball cap and start biscuits in the oven and flip sausage over as I walk past the kitchen getting two lunches ready and backpacks packed!

-7:45 the four of us sit down to breakfast at the table and might I also add that the juice glasses and paper plates are still on the table as I type and its almost bed time! HA! Who cares it smells like juice in here! Could be worse right? Pass out vitamins and we enjoy!

-8:05 I am out the door with my daughter and her best friend that gets dropped off daily and we are headed to school. Daddy offers to bathe Bubba (our son) and I leave Sissy outside with the keys to start the car so I can run back in and find his outfit for school. PANTS PANTS PANTS, where are any of his pants! Oh wait, all dirty from the fact that I haven't done laundry in a week!

-8:15 my son runs outside to pee off the back porch in front of the world and then runs back in to take a bath. I am off!

-8:37 I drive back up, my son is clean as a whistle and looking for his socks. I clean up all the "food" parts of breakfast, put the milk, butter and jelly away, and then I am back in the car. Gotta take my son to school!

-9:10 Home again! I will throw in here that my husband and brother (that works for us in our commercial landscaping company) are hovering around the house the entire time taking calls, doing invoices, and planning their day which was VERY rainy and slow. Now, I am putting some makeup on and decided to change clothes into something cute and "college" like! I have school Mondays and Wednesdays (hence the reason I am still at a junior college, I only take 1-2 classes at a time. This semester 1 online, 1 on campus) and I refuse to put my kids in daycare while they are/were young, SO here I am. The house is a TORNADO times 10 but who cares, I am out the door at 10:15 (supposed to be out the door by 10:00). Not too bad!

-10:50 I get right in front of the college and there are armed police officers everywhere! Stopping cars, moving traffic. I am freaking out! I suddenly see helicopters as well. I get re-routed around to my school and decide I want out of my car but the school is on lock down. A convict has overtaken officers transporting him to another facility and he is loose in the area. FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC! I call my husband and he tells me to come meet him far away from there for lunch and some Christmas shopping. I then head to Bass Pro Shop and end up enjoying my mid day.

-2:30 Pick up my son from school and hear all about his day and peeing in the potty, standing up that is, and how he stayed on green. I get home and look at the wreck of a house and decide, forget it, I watch Mama Mia with my son. He LOVES it!

-3:45 Daddy drives up, hurries and gives me our daughters gifts to hide and I head out to get her off the bus at 4:00.

-4:10 after hearing about her day and that she needs new bras and tanktops NOW, I start dinner.

-5:30 We all eat everywhere! Hubby and son outside playing around in the shop, me in front of my DVR'ed shows and my daughter at the computer. This is not like us, but we are ALL emotionally drained from being with one another all last week!

It's 7:00, my house is HORRIBLE, my ovaries hurt (yes, I can tell when they hurt, I can tell which side hurts more because I have a cyst on one ovary), I am MOODY, I don't want to bathe, I don't want to even watch TV, I just want to be left alone with Christmas music BLASTING in the background!

It's 9:20, I have done NOTHING tonight! I am happy that my husband doesn't care that I've done nothing! He has kept our son outside watching football and my daughter has not left the computer. This would sadden others but I needed NOTHING tonight, a night of NOTHING!

This is Me Then, Remember I Change from Day to Day!


  1. Julie i'm so glad you are doing this. Some parts sound just like my day. I laughed so hard about Cash running outside to pee then back in! I agree sometimes it is nice to have a just do nothing day. Now i hope that convict gets caught soon because i need to go to HL and i want to go to the one in Baytown! Hope today is a great day for you!

  2. You are a busy woman! I think you need to share your motivation to do so much because I could really use advice. I'm thrilled you'll be posting EVERY day! Don't leave out your holiday decor and tips. AND I think you should host a holiday girls night out that is pot luck so we can fraternize with THE julie jackson. teehee!

  3. That sounds yummy!! I made a Sloppy Joe Casserole last week that was very similar but had tomato soup. I have loved making all my ground beef recipes out of deerburger. This week we are trying the Lasagna Soup recipe with it.
    Also, I LOVE the song that plays when I come to your blog. I always watch that part of Twilight multiple times just so I can hear the song. Is it on the soundtrack?

  4. Thought I would jump on for a second and reply, Crystal- Cash is fully potty-trained and yes, he pees and poops off our back porch. There I said it! My son is a puppy! BUT, he pees and poops in the potty at school and when we are out. I don't get it! Frances, SHARE your Lasagna recipe with me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE deer meat! I am so excited about it and we bought a freezer this weekend to put it all in! WOOHOO! Oh and yes these songs are from the soundtrack or I just found them on Playlist.com Viv, DONE! I will throw some dates out and we will do it! I will even take questions that have not been ran past my agent, Taylor! ;o) Oh and yes, I am going to blog all my decor for everyone! I am doing a SIMPLE approach this year and "red" is the theme! I am liking it so far!

  5. glad ya had a day to kinda float along! sometimes we all need a lax day.

  6. A puppy Julie. LOL! He is a cute one!

  7. Julie, that is funny about Cash, boys are so crazy like that! Looking forward to your posts on Christmas decor! I made some wreaths to hang on the front of my house, I will have to blog about it soon.


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