Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10, of Me, Then!

Today, I did the usual running kind of morning and when I got out of school at 12:05 I ran to Spring to The Little Dutch Girl store for my yearly shopping trip!
I grabbed the kids chocolate letters that "Sinterklaas" leaves in their wooden shoes if they are good.

I also grabbed a jar of Sambal (Indonesian hot sauce) for my Dad.

And, some chocolate sprinkles for butter and toast! YUMMY!

My father, the kids Opa, was born in Indonesia to an Indonesian mother and a Dutch father. He moved to Holland when he was a baby and lived there until he was 8. He remembers the magic of Christmas and how he filled his wooden shoes with hay and left them outside his door for the reindeer to eat and you either had a shoe full of coal or your initial made of chocolate.

Traditions are wonderful! Find one in your background and start it up again!
*I also loaded up on the most amazing chocolates for the kids stockings! Dutch chocolate taste like milk. Its wonderful!

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  1. Dutch chocolates are awesome!! So are German ones. When I go to Spec's (which is every time we make it down to Houston) I always buy these dutch caramel wafer cookies that we ate when we went to Amsterdam. So yummy!!


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